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Web based solution is not just a way to save money and time. It is also about organizing more effective collaboration process with your colleagues, clients or partners, that makes web based solutions so popular.

Web based solutions include database integration, intra- and extranet applications deployment. And for both young and grown-up companies the ability to use a content management system, interactive web site or an intranet can be equally important. Thus, web based solutions provide essential support for all types of business.

Without any doubt, web based solutions is where the future lies. And no matter what drives you - improving communication processes or installing ad-hoc application on your web site, Chic Infotech has enough expertise in web based application development to rise to the challenge and let you achieve your primary goals.


Workflow Management Solutions


Workflow Management Systems allow organizations to define and control the various activities associated with a business process... Read More..


Content Management


Our content management solutions (CMS) are designed to do ... Read More..


Employee self service


Employee Self Service (ESS) is an application that provides employees with access to their personal records and their payroll details ... Read More..


Document Management Solutions


Document Management Software that includes Digital Asset Management, Workflow, Records Management, Document Archiving, ... Read More..


Issue tracking and management


Issue tracking and management solution (also trouble ticket system, support ticket or incident ticket system) manages and maintains lists of issues, as... Read More..


Grievance Management Workflow


Competitive and regulatory pressures are forcing organizations to change the way they handle, manage, respond to, and... Read More..


Lead Management for Retail Banking


Today, more than ever before, the ability to maximize customer loyalty through close and durable relationships is critical to retail banks’ ability to... Read More..


Multi-bank ATM Redressal


Banks ATM Network and Customer Services is a body that runs a network of ATMs for the member banks. ... Read More..


Project and Deployment Tracking


Financial Institutions need to deploy funds and at the same time track the progress of the project as well as the fund deployment status ... Read More..


Legacy to Web Integration solutions


Quite often we have come across clients who have their legacy systems in place and yet the need for some functions to be ... Read More..


Design Solutions : WCAG, W3C


Apart from WCAG and W3C we aim at keeping interfaces simple and easy to use. We pay attention to various aspects to... Read More..


Customised solutions


We bring together the perfect combination of business knowledge in selected industries, extensive experience in... Read More..

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