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While many variables affect Web application security, improving security in a few key areas can help eliminate vulnerabilities. It's critical that security be included in the initial Web design and not retrofitted after the application is developed. While some experts argue over where and when security integration and testing should be applied in the development life cycle, no one would argue that it is an essential ingredient.

Integrating security into the application development life cycle is not an all-or-nothing decision, but rather a process of negotiation within policy, risk and development requirements. Determining security areas right during the definition stage of application development helps in adhering to the risk tolerance in the context of the organization.


At Chic, right from inception, the nature of our clients has ensured that the security aspect of application development is ingrained in our DNA. Identifying threat areas, reviews of application design and code design, risk assessment and mitigation are undertaken on a regular basis for our clients.


In order to maintain the strong security posture established, we employ periodic security checks of all critical applications and controls. Securing an application is adequate for that moment in time, but new risks are introduced every day that could affect its security.

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