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Today, more than ever before, the ability to maximize customer loyalty through close and durable relationships is critical to retail banks’ ability to grow their businesses. As banks strive to create and manage customer relationships, several emerging trends affect the approach and tools banks employ to achieve sustainable growth. These trends reflect a fundamental change in the way banks interact with the customers they have - and those they want to acquire.

Lead management application helps to automate and organize the sales process. It takes care right from leads getting converted to concrete clients. It supports to have a bird's eye view for the sales process and help to take next step or approach based on sequential and latest steps or actions. It aids to make efficient use of available resources, guide them and increase productivity.

The mail based system sends acknowledgement mail to the prospect and the concerned officer. At the backend the application is armed with rules based on the organization hierarchy and user classification. Prospects are sorted on the basis of type of products and the regions and branches and relevant enquiries are forwarded to the concerned officer. It significantly reduces the response time and also provides a great tool to the management to monitor the prospects status and the conversion into new business.

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