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Employee Self Service (ESS) is an application that provides employees with access to their personal records and their payroll details. The most common features of ESS allows employees to change their own address, contact details and next of kin.

The types of transactions supported by ESS applications are almost limitless. Besides benefit and payroll issues, they can be used to automate procedures related to internal job postings, time and attendance reporting, and training enrollment, to name just a few.

In addition to transactional capabilities, ESS applications can provide employees with a wealth of useful information (hence the frequently-used term "knowledgebase"). An organization's plans, policies, and procedures are transformed into meaningful answers to its employees' inquiries. With the use of a search mechanism and/or site map, employees can easily locate the information they need. Once there, they have the option of "drilling down" to more specific information or jumping to linked pages that contain related information.

Two attributes of ESS applications make them especially powerful:


(1) intuitive approach to the information and

(2) personalization of content.

Employees oftentimes know exactly what they are looking for: Their co-pay amount, number of unused personal days or taxes withheld from last month's paycheck. Other times, however, an employee experiences something in his or her personal or professional life - marriage, birth of a child, serious illness, layoff, retirement, etc. - and is not aware of the steps that should be taken as a result.

Included in Chic’s ESS is the ability for employees to apply for leave and have that application directed to the employees’ manager for consideration. This simple workflow not only follows the organizational hierarchy but also helps in maintaining the Leave balances of the employees. The workflow also automates the process of salary processing with up to date information on leaves and work days. The application also comes with an option where employees can change their bank account details and get details of payslips, both current and historical.

The principal advantage for employers providing ESS is that it is a more efficient means of collecting changes to employees’ details and distributing payroll related details to employees. This is particularly true for organizations dispersed over a number of physical locations. Human Resource Management professionals increasingly value ESS as a means of empowering employees.

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